A New Start For My Website

A new year calls for a new beginning, and 2021 has started great. I am implementing some changes to my work habits, my life, my creativity and everything about me. This is just the starting point.

New hopes, new dreams, new beginnings.

Family Portrait

Over the last year as I've seen some portion of our civilization collapse, while seeing some of the creative community rise up to unite us, while some seem to fall along the collapsing society. I have tried to focus on myself and who I am as a human being. I started taking classes and seminars on psycology and life coaching. I must admit some things aren't easy to deal with when it comes to ourselves. I heard once a quote in the sense of 'It might takes us one second to notice all the imperfections on someone, but a lifetimes to notice those in oursleves.'

Learning some life coaching as brought so much understanding not just about myself, but I have become more understanding with my friends and people around me. As I worked with my now good friend Marcos Gallardo from Alianza Counseling, I realized how truth his words were 'we all need someone to talk to'. With those words he sent me in this self growth path.

The start of all journeys starts when we take the decision to start it and take the first step. With that I have started to develop my own site in a way I can continue to express myself, perhaps guide someone who needs guidance, as well as creating a hub for all the project I find myself in.

My favorite activity at the moment is photography hands down, but web developing and everything that comes with it always stay with me. I still dream of going to France because someone hired me to take photographs there. The thought of one of my youtube videos helping a viewer in need has always made me smile. Which, coinsidently I listened to one long after I had published it and I still found good wisdom in it. So, it has also become a good way to help myself.

It is my hope that I get to write here my thoughts on the experiences and strugles in life, something fun worth remembering as I work with people in photography, or building a website for a client. Some of you might know I write poetry and have book published as well, so I will ocassionally write my poems as well. Everything needed to succeed in this journey we all find ourselves in which we call life.

Thank you for reading and hope you visit again


  1. JEM

    All Right, I am liking this new look.

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