Felipe and Elizabeth’s wedding was another special day I get to share and see first hand  how love unites two people. Having the opportunity to have met them for a while now, having the opportunity to share with them such a special day seems to make even stronger the view and opinion I get when I see them take this one big step in their life. I was able to meet new people, and see again others I knew. To a lifetime of pure love and happiness, here’s a poem inspired on them. 5yrs or so ago is when they started dating, and I decided to make that the subject on this poem. Hope you guys like it 😀

Since I met you
my name in your heart I wish could stay
for 5 years now I planned
to share this perfect day
Where I can look at you
and forever with love repay
all the times you’ve smiled for me
all those times you believed in me
when no one else did
you pushed me to make things be.

For the last 5 years confident
I could say I knew
that would come the day
I hear you say “I Do”

When you look at me I smile
when you kiss me I feel strong
sharing my life with you
nothing could go wrong.

When our kids grow older
and they get life’s first quiz
they can look back at us
and know what true love really is.

We started dating when I was 24
thinking about us being together
when I’m 54 still seems too short
I love you, and I’m yours
in man’s and god’s court.

Copyright ©2014 Jahaziel E Magana

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