I got your letter about a month ago,
for a moment, I felt full of fear,
the memories we lived rushed to my mind
your kisses and voice so sweet my dear.

Then I felt the anger,
for I can’t be next to you
I dreamed of love and happiness
I fell in despair and my chance blew.

I always saw you as a goddess,
my pen would write poems and sonnets of love
I would admire your beauty when you slept,
think you’re a gift to the earth from above.

Took me a moment to know you,
much less than that to dream of a life by your side
I never wanted to get married,
but I wished you could be my bride,
I tried to be better for you,
I tried to not let my dreams collide
for a life with you, I thought I could decide
but destiny came to teach me…
Destiny, my dreams had denied

©2019 Jahaziel E. Magana


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go see the art show ‘Voices’ which is hosted by the Mexican Heritage Center in Stockton, CA.
Seeing so many people having a good time and supporting the arts was very inspiring. Got to speak with couple of the artist themselves and I will post their clips as well. For the time being, please take a look at the cover clip for the event.

Mowzilicia’s art show

I’ve had the opportunity to not only help build mowzilicia’s website, but I’ve also had the opportunity to support her with her two art shows going on in Stockton. I followed her while she was finishing some of her pieces to her posting them on the San Joaquin County building downtown Stockton.

To see her amazing art stop by the county building @ 44 N San Joaquin St, Stockton CA

Forgotten Memory

I’ve never been so angry before
not even on my top TEEN years
I feel no love for you now
I brought your lies to the light
now I see them so clear.
Makes me sick knowing you called me honey,
and said I’m everything you hold deal.
I am mad at you,
and I don’t love you, you hear?
I could beat both of you,
right there or here.

I hate your lie
of you wanting to be with me forever.
Why would you say that
if breaking up with me is like ‘Whatever’.
Damn Selfish girl
whom no one knows if is a friend or foe,
maybe that old lady was right
the time she called you a slut dirty hoe.
I should have paid attention to the clues
so I don’t get hurt like that.
Now I regret accepting that invite
the first time you asked me to chat,
but I thought it was worth it
I didn’t mind giving it a shot
who would have known
you didn’t know what you’ve got.
Trying to fool and play me
till the moment you got caught.
There is nothing I can do
is too late for anything now
you are that one memory
Which I already forgot

©2019 Jahaziel E. Magana

Feliz a Tu Lado

Los años que he pasado a tu lado
son la definición de felicidad.
Solo puedo ser feliz a tu lado
mi amada, mi otra mitad,
eres la luz que brilla
Y le da luz a esta ciudad.
Amor puro, amor de verdad
quiero tenerte en mis brazos
por toda la eternidad.

De tus ojos, tomo una mirada
para hacerme sonreír.
De tus labios un beso
para hacerme vivir.
De tus manos una caricia,
y por ti, mi corazón latir.
Quiero amanecer en tus brazos
y a tu lado irme a dormir.
Te amo, por verte sonreír
y a los niños, nunca quiero morir.

©2018 Jahaziel E. Magana

Movie Premiere Coverage

Last night, I got the opportunity to cover a red carpet for Joey Travolta’s new movie premiere  Inside The Filmmaker’s Studio. Stockton got together at the Bob Hope Theater to share the experience with Joey’s Inclusion Film actors and producers as well as the Lodi’s School District and Junior League of San Joaquin County. The evening was full of energy and excitement, I had a blast being part of the photography team covering the event.

Dancing Horses

One of the things I Enjoy the most about being a wedding photographer is having the opportunity to learn new things. Although, I had seen horses dance before in several occasions, I never noticed they sweat and how they sweat, seeing the video of the horses dancing while I was covering a wedding made me discover that. For those who like horses and specially when they perform dancing, hope you enjoy the video.

Broken (Verse Challenge)

Jahaziel’s Verse

In life I’ve thought there are two views of life
like there are two sides to every token,
You will meet love that last forever
and Love that will leave you broken.

Which one was she? I wasn’t able to tell,
I saw paradise with her kisses
when they stopped, I saw hell.
I prayed and cried with my every cell
that this one time, I can do the perfect Spell.

I once thought I could sell my soul for fame,
I once thought love was all the same.
I once thought life is all but a game
then I met her, and put my thoughts to shame.
She, my goddess, beauty is the meaning of her name.

Ken’s Verse (Ken’s Twitter)

I think I must’ve been sitting through 
a hollow pool,
a mistaken Fortune,
an average fool.
I think I once thought I knew
of what to do
the desire of many
but a relation to few.
I think I am fixable with glue
a simple tool,
a broken glass vessel
without purpose or clue.

Dealing with Fear

Have you ever held back or didn’t do something you wanted because of fear?

As I keep getting older and the more I’ve talked to people it seems we tend to regret many things in our life that we avoided doing because of fear.  From going to a place, talking to someone, learning something new. It’s true that fear can keep us from harm at times, but most of the time now a days it only keeps us from becoming who we want.

After a few years wanting to skydive I finally got the courage to do it, but for couple reasons. First one; just to have that experience. Second: to prove to myself that I can do it, and lastly because there’s something in my chest that feels empty and I wanted to try and fill it with anything. I went in just expecting some adrenaline, but came up with one of a kind life experience. If you have felt the anxiety before a test, speaking, or performing for group of people. You might also be able to recognize that anxiety usually fades off and disappears when you’re doing your thing. Which means there was nothing to worry about on the first place. Our own brain and memories infuse this fear to try to keep us from experiencing some mild moment of embarrassment we might have felt at some point in our life. Isn’t making mistakes proof that you’re trying? so, if there are mistakes… what of it? they are nothing but experiences you got to learn from and grew from. Fear is not real is what I came into the conclusion after today. One needs to just do what we must without worrying about the what Ifs, because most of those what if will never see the light of day and we ruin the experiences worrying about something that will never happen.  Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the moment?

After jumping I realized all that anxiety and fear were there for nothing, as well as having the enlightened experience that we shouldn’t focus so much on getting or staying in a specific place, the world is so big and we should go out there and get to know what it has to offer, don’t be afraid. It’s always better to say “I did that”, than ‘I wish I had done it’.

Blessings 🙂

The Importance of Quality

I’ve been digging thru some of my old files and came across some videos from a wedding I had the opportunity to cover. At the time I had my cousin Ken living in our house, back when him and I would write verses together and spend our time talking about music, life and the Illuminati. I had offered him to be my assistance and then we could go take pictures together also. At the time I only had my main and backup camera, so I couldn’t hand him one of my camera since I would use both so I don’t have to change lenses, I would just switch cameras. The best idea we came up with was for him to grab my Canon camcorder which I threw away years ago already because the video quality was horrible and would take so long to focus and would lose focus pretty easily. So I ask Ken to come with me, he can just record me working and then we can talk about how or why I do things. It didn’t occurred to me to spend a few minutes teaching him the basics of videography 🙁

After looking at the hole day event this is the best pieces of the footage I can put together. So it serves as a reminder than you not only need to have experience and know what you’re doing, but you have to have some decent equipment. One can only get better by practicing, and your level of practice must match your level of gear. We all have to start at some point, and I’ve even gone back 12 years to when I first became interested in photography, the comparison of the quality of pictures is pretty incredible. I wouldn’t hire that guy, lol. Now a days is a different story and I feel pretty confident to be able to manage anything that comes my way.

The mistakes we make in life are but lessons for us to become better. Go out to the world and learn many lessons 🙂